Julie & Julia


      If you loves cooking.  If you are experiencing a dull life.  Watch Julie & Julia.

      The story is about the book “Art of French Cooking”, a cook book for servantless Americans in France who’d like to cook French cuisines.  Julia Child wrote the book.  She was a cook.

     What I loves about this movie is it doesn’t tell you fairy tales and something very tragic, it just talks about keep on doing what you like to do, though people might discourage you, though the process of making it works is never smooth.

      Julie Powell having a dull job as operator in an insurance company, decided to cook all 524 recipes in the “Art of French Cooking” in 365 days in her tiny apartment kitchen.  In order to encourage herself to finish it all within timeline set, she writes an annoymous blog about the progress.

      So, who is Julia Child?  Julia married to Paul Child who was the embassador of American in France.  Julia loves to eat therefore cooking, wrote a cook book, eventually taught cooking on TV half a century ago and became famous.  I myself have not seen the real Julia Child, but sure you will easily loves the Julia Child acted by Meryl Streep. 

      How sweet is the movie when the two main actresses with the support of their pen-pal, imaginary friend (Julia Child for Julie, Julie never meet Julia Child in person), and also loving husbands who loves their dishes to reach their success in life.  Julie Powell’s blog finally got noticed and she was asked to publish a book.  That book is filmed as movie.

      Even better about this movie is – it is based on two true stories.  Encouraging enough.

      Bon Appetit.

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