How Attractive Is Your Age?

Jordan Romero, American, world’s youngest to reach the top of Mountain Everest at his age of 13. 

No doubt, with more advanced equipments and prior experience exhibited, it’s easier for man to climb the highest mountain, not to say Jordan was accompanied by a supporting team of which his father (also a climber) was involved.

“13”, “youngest” becomes so attractive to media.  The rest of the team and his father, who also stood on the top of the world, enjoyed both the great view from height and success of their very own definition.

Everyone have their time.  Everyone just have their own pace.  It’s never about age, as media interest should not be our reason to do the thing we simply enjoy doing.  What we do is not to fulfill others’ satisfaction, neither achievements to decorate their lives, but ours.    

So it’s important not to be the slave of public attention.

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