Hot & Sexy!!!

I was hoping to take some pics demonstrating strong FASHION feeling with elements of a sexy summer shower.  Here it is!  I like the red hot nail color of my feet, and the sprinkling of each water droplet is so bright and clear that it amazed me!

Every water droplet is so clear and crystal bright!

Another one shows the clear current of the running water and the little circles created as sprinkling water falls on it.  The shiny reflection of the light up my right foot sets the mood of a shower so right!

I love the current, I love the circles, and I love the bright harmonious light reflection on the water. And of course I love my feet with the red polish on!

I never know flashlight could give such a sense of vogue to photos, as usually we use no flash for a more natural picture & not to make model’s flaws too clear.  But flashlight works really well with water especially moving water.

Of course I hope these photos could come out with a even stronger feeling of high fashion, but you know I’m only using a small & simple CANON IXUS 210.  I think the only way to improve the photos is to get more advanced equipment i.e. DSLR etc.

The sacrifice I made for these shoots?  My legs had been exposed to water for so long that they went so dry at the middle of the night and I woke up out of itchiness!!  No matter how much lotion or cream I put on them the next day, they still got a strange feeling on the skin… Salute to my love for photography!

BTW, today is the World Photography Day.

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