Withered Lotus 殘荷

I used to go to Lou Lim Ieoc Garden (盧九花園) almost everyday when I was small as my mom thought kids need some walk to grow wisdom.  This garden open to public is not called a “park” because it’s used to be a private villa of a rich man in Macau.

It’s designed according to the famous China Suzhou (中國蘇州) gardens.  It is fun to fantasize owning this garden as you walk in it  – there are living room, bedroom balcony hanging above water, your own garden with different trees and flowers, your own lake with fishes and tortises, and picnic table made from raw marble stones.  There are hidden paths for fun, it’s for the rich man’s kids to hang out therefore named Yu Yuen (Entertainment Garden 娛園) originally anyway.

The focus of this garden is it’s curved stone bridge across the water where lotuses are planted.  Though you may admire the beauty of the pink lotuses and the fun of spitting on the big round leaves to see how they are naturally water-proofed, you should also learn to appreciate it’s beauty when it’s about to wither.  It’s absolutely another scene!  We Chinese even give it a particular name called “Withered Lotus (殘荷)”, a very poetic title.

Cameras ready, ladies & gentlemen!

The famous curved stone bridge across the man-made lake. Imagine you slowly walk through and appreciate the lotuses as if it's your own garden.

It's beautiful even if the leaves are going to decay. See the reflection of the sky on the water, makes it a picture indeed.

See the strong rusty colors of the withering lotus plant. It will become more fabulous as it's coming closer to end the season. Get it B&W, you will love it.

Another areas of the garden are also interesting and pretty.  You have to slow down and watch.

It’s about dawn, the sunlight is so shimmering gently on the water.  Peaceful pictures.  It’s as soothing as the dying lotus.  When life been great, it’s not pity when it’s about to end. And the feeling of being close to death calms you during rocky times.  There’ll be no more troubles and worries when things end, don’t you agree?

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