Very Thin. Indeed.

There I checked-in at The Upper House for a vacay, and found a pile of decent readings ready next to the couch.  I found time at night, and came across a meaningful piece of article interviewing contemporary artist Alison Jackson.

“The very nature of photography is that it looks like something that you should believe, but in fact you can’t really.  Photography, she says, is ‘a slimly deceitful medium, which tells only a partial truth.’ Sensationalist headlines are added, images are cropped and photoshopped and ultimately what we get is a deliberately crafted, already edited photograph intended to push a certain view and elicit a certain emotional response.”

Don’t you agree?  Very much, I do.

I’d like to tell a brief story if you don’t mind.

Let’s start by imagining a photograph with a religious girl praying in a quiet chapel with eyes closed, hands holding together.  What comes up in your mind?  Positive, purity, love.  She’s definitely a good girl, and it makes a great picture praising goodness of mankind.

As it’s my personal encounter, I’d like to reveal the reality – 2 teenage girls, in a local church opened to public/tourists for sight-seeing, one hanging a DSLR on her neck, while the other urging her friend loudly in the house of divinity to take a pic for her while she would PRETEND praying.  At the back of the great pic you see (imagined) is solely a frolic time of 2 impolite babies, causing inconvenience to those who quietly admiring the architecture and those who’re kneeling and actually praying.

While relaxingly resting on the couch, I flipped to know the name of the magazine, it is “FRAMED”.  Picking up my iPhone next to me to record the mag, it’s funny to find the cover of this Autumn issue could so appositely aid demonstrate the nature of photography that we mentioned:

Very Thin!


As we involve in more thinking, we know that there is more than one kind of nature that holds in Photography itself.  It’s really interesting, and somehow our responsibility, to investigate and explore of what we are really doing when we take up our camera and shoot.


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