Take Away The Rubbish, Please.

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It’s odd and not logical.  But whenever the trash truck comes with the strongly unpleasant smell, we stop breathing at the same time can’t help looking.

Watching the rubbish bins being cleared – how the professionals hang the bins on the mechanical hooks, push a button and the bins will be turned over with lid automatically opened, trash to fall into the collection space at the back of the truck is truly intriguingly attractive!

Especially when some of the garbage pieces may not fall in the right place, and the staff will use their hands to fix it while the machine is about to press and flatten the trash, it’s like a dangerous and exciting performance in a charity show!

All other bags of trash left beside the bins will as well be thrown onto the truck, as if they are… trash.  We don’t need to handle them with care nor worry about them, that’s what I mean.

Maybe the simple, rhythmical low tone of the machine is kind of soothing, too.  Though we cannot “see” that in the photographs.  As we learned in our childhood, time when we heard trash truck doing its job is when we are in our bed, relaxing time.  Ha!

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