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Too much in love with being inspired!

I’m so much in love with the books I’m reading that I also fall in love with highlight pens and stick-on tags.  Highlighting the inspiring sentences of the books is like reinforcement message to myself about the wisedom about life and what … Continue reading

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Modern Library TBC

The trend is that publishers sell e-books in half price of traditional printed books, while e-books could be read on Kindle, iPad, iPhone, and your PC.  I can’t help but wonder how this would affect the operation and service of … Continue reading

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Sleepy Summer Afternoon

I must admit that I can’t take my eyes off on how summer breeze brushes through the swinging branches and green leaves, the moving sunlight having its radiant patches on the scrambled grasses, and strong opened window shadow on the … Continue reading

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The Most Beautiful Libraries in the World

[Jacques Bosser (Author), Guillaume de Laubier (Photographer), Laurel Hirsch (Translator), James H. Billington (Foreword)] From the hard-covered book “The Most Beautiful Libraries in the World”, library lovers will find the following quotes dear to them.  Though cannot show the breath-taking pictures … Continue reading

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Book Evolution Is On

Blogging is common.  Everyone is a blogger.  We see a blog as successful if it is published to be a book, to be sold in bookstores. However, as I received the free download invitation of Kindle for PC, I started … Continue reading

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A Pat on Your Back

Post I found at Writers Community.  For devoted writers. “A book that I frequently return to for encouragement and direction with my writing is Rainer Maria Rilke’s Letters to a Young Poet. I often think of the following section from … Continue reading

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Love for Libraries

You may doubt my love for library, but it’s only because you don’t have passion for books, curiosity for deeper knowledge of what you like to do.   I realize that some people have even greater affection for books than … Continue reading

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The Quest for Philosophy

According to Plato (Philosopher, 427 B.C. – 347 B.C.), the right age to study philosophy is 50, as it depends on an understanding of life that only a mature person can have achieved. I have been restraining myself from further educations after my … Continue reading

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  我一向抗拒電腦上閱讀,眼睛太累了,然後出了雙黑眼圈。 但現在有Kindle、iPad、及其他不同種類的電子書,大部份用電子墨水,不反光,眼睛舒服。而且選擇購買電子書的價錢會比買用紙印刷的平很多,一部電子閱讀器又可藏過千本書,輕巧可帶出街,似乎電子閱讀器將取代印刷書。 如果你家裡再沒印刷而成的書,將會怎樣? 我們再不能藏舊情人的相片於某本書頁間,等待某一天給我們再次發現而勾起回憶。又或是一封信件、或一片用過的膠布。我就曾經有個朋友將他暗戀的女孩的頭髮夾在書裡。 我們再不能炫耀書架上的藏書,或以此為籍口要帶女孩回家。女孩也不會再讚嘆你的閱讀品味,亦不會在檢查你的書架當眼處時驚訝地發現,你倆都愛同一本書或同一個作家。你的書卷氣都不在你的書房或圖書館裡,而在閱讀器裡。     書及書架不再是你家裡的裝飾,因不再有書架。聽過有設計師去大型書店買一書四冊的經典中國名著,只為客人裝飾家居。 你不再會去書架亂抓一本書下來亂翻來尋找下一本小說的靈感。你再不能嗅到新書那令你興奮的氣味,或舊書獨有的沉香。你不能再以書頁邊緣深了的顏色,來斷定這本書有多舊。我們不能再以書上的塵埃知道我們有多久沒碰過這本書。 我們失去購買有趣書簽的原因:印有睿智字句的、有卡通圖案的、有磁石的、畫有花卉的、有渡假沙灘相片的、以鐵製的、閃令令的、以螢光橡膠做的、皮革做的、用白色布紗做的、鐵線屈成動物形狀的、以及不同顏色形狀大小的「薯條」。 我們沒了等網上書店寄來心愛書籍的期待。畢竟,我們就是走遍本地書店都找不到,但又很想閱讀擁有,才去網上書店。 我們也沒了偶然逛一下書店就發現十本好書,然後抬回家的經驗。你會永遠記得你的手臂如何酸痛、手指被手抽壓得又紅又漲、你的背如何濕透,但你還是認為很值得! 我們再無法於書店裡打書釘,然後把書放回書架上。因那整整一本書已給我們看完,而且它其實並不怎麼好看或值得收藏及展覽於自己的書架上,所以不買。在書店裡免費的讀完一本新書,有一種偷竊的害怕給發現及興奮的感覺,卻是合法的。 當書無法觸碰,你再不能將藏寶圖用檸檬汁晝在書頁上,等聰明的後代以火熱之使圖顯露。當書無法觸碰,送書為禮物再不浪漫。你不能暗暗地夾一張便條,或直接寫在書上示愛。你甚至不需費力走書店搜尋,就買到心儀女孩要的那本絕版書。 絕版書有無限個copies,還有逝世作者的「親筆」提字及簽名。但是,「電子版」的。

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