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Steve Jobs as my Bodyguard

I don’t know where to start, but you know, I’d always wanted a personal alarm.  Especially during my younger age, when men on streets will check you out without respect, or even whistle and give some stupid comments.  Hard staring … Continue reading

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Go Shoot Yourself!

I take self-portraits whenever I feel right.  I used to say I’ll wait till I get thinner, fairer, more good-looking in whatever ways.  But as time goes by I know those usually won’t happen, and our gift is just TODAY … Continue reading

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看到友人從一個攝影網站share了一篇關於攝影的文章於臉書上,著實與我在Bread & Tea的一篇文「攝影/眼」的題材相近。心想,我也寫到啊! 那網站是《攝影札記》,文章也真的蠻好看的,更新也快,一天三篇,高據網誌排行榜第二位。後來再發現他們徵稿,我就用那文章投稿過去。於昨天2011年8月16日刊登了! 雖沒酬金,網主還問可否晚些以贈品代之,但以下是我的回報: 於《攝影札記》 網站: 我的文章於此刻共有263人表示Like, 267 人更Share了出去與他們朋友分享! Facebook Fans Page: 文章共115人按Like! (與他們其他文章比較是中上了!) 於《Bread & Tea》 8月16日點擊數: 130 (由平日最多8個跳至130個…雖然我知道是暫時性的。) 於《Flickr》Jules Vong  “Macau Prosperity in Lomo’s Eyes” 6 人加我成為自己人,有人新增相片成為他的至愛。 (原本是0個…) 以下是我提供給他們的作者簡介: Jules,未用過一部單反相機,信奉iPhoneography,相信因為輕便隨身,能捕捉生活更真。近作有Macau Prosperity in LOMO’s Eyes,以二百張用免費iPhone App … Continue reading

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Day Out

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Too much in love with being inspired!

I’m so much in love with the books I’m reading that I also fall in love with highlight pens and stick-on tags.  Highlighting the inspiring sentences of the books is like reinforcement message to myself about the wisedom about life and what … Continue reading

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Hi, McDull~!

Arriving early at the venue of the French course, having big sips of Vitasoy, find that the door is not yet opened.  Suddenly, I see McDull looking at me from his summer bed at the balcony.  He is quite big!

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