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My Interview on MR!

I didn’t check mailbox today, so don’t know if my magazine has arrived from MR Editor… but as I wandered in the area I seldom visit this evening, I found the latest issue of MR Magazine!  I thought it was … Continue reading

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I’m a Photographer!

  Sorry for not updating anything here lately. I’ve been occupied with a HK magazine interview as a Photographer which makes me so thrilled!  Of course I’m still a beginner.  But this friendly Editor, who’s also an enthusiast in iPhone … Continue reading

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看到友人從一個攝影網站share了一篇關於攝影的文章於臉書上,著實與我在Bread & Tea的一篇文「攝影/眼」的題材相近。心想,我也寫到啊! 那網站是《攝影札記 Photoblog.hk》,文章也真的蠻好看的,更新也快,一天三篇,高據網誌排行榜第二位。後來再發現他們徵稿,我就用那文章投稿過去。於昨天2011年8月16日刊登了! 雖沒酬金,網主還問可否晚些以贈品代之,但以下是我的回報: 於《攝影札記 Photoblog.hk》 網站: 我的文章於此刻共有263人表示Like, 267 人更Share了出去與他們朋友分享! Facebook Fans Page: 文章共115人按Like! (與他們其他文章比較是中上了!) 於《Bread & Tea》 8月16日點擊數: 130 (由平日最多8個跳至130個…雖然我知道是暫時性的。) 於《Flickr》Jules Vong  “Macau Prosperity in Lomo’s Eyes” 6 人加我成為自己人,有人新增相片成為他的至愛。 (原本是0個…) 以下是我提供給他們的作者簡介: Jules,未用過一部單反相機,信奉iPhoneography,相信因為輕便隨身,能捕捉生活更真。近作有Macau Prosperity in LOMO’s Eyes,以二百張用免費iPhone App … Continue reading

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Macau Prosperity in LOMO’s Eyes

In the city with casinos, we are used to free transportation, free food and wine, free entertainment and gifts. Economy becomes prosperous, people become richer, they own houses, cars, babies, and professional cameras. Using FREE version of an iPhone app … Continue reading

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